Realization industrial automation

Equipment for industrial automation

Lauretti Industrial Automation Srl in Ceccano, Frosinone, is specialized in making quality industrial automation equipment for companies in different production sectors. We deal with automated electronic technologies, fundamental today in any production sector, that are able to meet growing market demand in order to guarantee the installation of assembly lines that can meet companies' growing demand.

For over 25 years Lauretti Industrial Automation srl has provided companies in various sectors, from aviation to food, automotive, chemical and electronic industries, offering design and electrical system installation services and equipment for industrial automation. Thanks to modern technologies for the distribution of low and medium voltage electricity, our staff can provide the best solutions for every industrial facility, also identifying the best locations to place the electrical power control panels and create the earthing systems.


Lauretti Industrial Automation srl also offers the electrical engineering components and PLC software for optimal management of automated assembly via terminals. Our staff also work directly at customer's locations in industrial and civil plants and residential buildings on the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.

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