Industrial software

Lauretti Industrial Automation srl in Ceccone, in the province of Frosinone, is a benchmark for many companies for its production of pc, plc and hmi software. Plc software comprises complex programs for the management of industrial processes, with the support of the latest technologies.

Lauretti plc software, specializing in photovoltaic systems, can be seamlessly integrated with other devices, including CNC machines, such as lathes and milling machines. These programs are provided with a selector, which offers the possibility of choosing the preferred operational method, which can be in the programming mode so that the program remains in stand-by until it receives directives by the user, who can program and scan the various areas of intervention. In run mode the plc will automatically run the program and performs various updates according to the settings.

Plc software is very useful for organizing the workplace in an efficient, functional, flexible way, and is able to speed up the various production phases.

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